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About Our Tutors

  • At Aim For The Stars Tutoring, our tutors are professional and qualified.
  • We conduct an extensive interview and require state teaching credentials and/or tutoring experience.
  • We check all references and verify employment.
  • Many of our tutors are actively teaching in a school system or are substitute teachers.

The In-Home Consultation

  • Gives us an opportunity to meet you and your child to assess their academic requirements, personality and learning style.
  • Gives you an opportunity to show us the curriculum your child is using and discuss your goals for the tutoring sessions.
  • Investing the time to meet face-to-face with all of our clients is invaluable and essential for us to find the perfect tutor for your child!

Does Your Student Have Special Needs?

  • Many of our tutors have experience with students who have special needs or are certified to teach special education.
  • Our tutors understand the requirements of a child who has special needs.
  • We work with Individual Education Plans, can help your child excel, feel positive about themselves and their progress at school.

Home Schooling Assistance

  • Home schooling is becoming more popular and prevalent. Our tutors will assist a parent with all subjects within a home school curriculum.
  • If you are interested in moving your child from a public or private school to a home school environment, we can steer you down the right path and tell you how to get your child enrolled in a home school program.

Summertime Tutoring

  • Summer tutoring can ensure that your child is able to focus on reviewing the past year's work and prepare to be successful for the coming school year.
  • We help your child strengthen study and organization skills that can be lost over the summer months.

Public and Private Education

  • We tutor all grades, pre-kindergarten through junior college.
  • We serve students in all of the public schools in Douglas County.
  • We also tutor students who attend private schools, alternative education or are on independent study in our areas.